Focus Areas

City Revitalization

We work with small and mid-sized cities to activate their potential. More than a place branding or marketing firm making recommendations, our experience includes successfully implementing transformative ideas within a community. Outcomes include increases in economic development, tourism, property values and overall satisfaction of residents.

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Property Redevelopment

We help clients plan for renovations, restorations, and the reinvention of spaces. Our construction consulting services are project based and focus on activating vacant buildings and optimizing underperforming assets. Click to learn more or schedule a call to explore if the Chartwell Company can help your healthcare organization.

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Hotel Negotiation

We help groups book hotels in cities around the world. Our affiliation with a large Conference Management company, which contracts more than $850 million in group revenue a year, enables us to negotiate hotel discounts for events and conferences at no charge to our clients. Current clients include the Concordia Summit, the George W. Bush Presidential Center, and Hillsong USA.

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Why The Chartwell Approach Works:

We believe that the way we approach individuals, organizations, and cities truly matters. Whether we're working with an unknown start-up or a well known politician, we carry the same measure of excellence in all that we do.

Our team highly values honor, humility & belief.

We seek to honor the past and build upon it.
We carry humility in the process.
We are always hopeful regarding what's possible for the future.

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Current or Previous Clients Include

"The redevelopment or revitalization of a city is an art. It depends on the individual strengths of a place and the will of the leadership to bring about change."

Charles Landry