Need Help Recruiting Healthcare Professionals?

Through our network and marketing strategies we locate, interview and screen candidates for job openings. Our searches are customized based on our clients needs. Our clients typically include hospitals, FQHCs, clinics and private practices. Interested in learning if we could help your organization find the healthcare staff you’re looking for? Schedule a call with us today!

Looking For a Healthcare Job?

Are you a Physician, PA, NP or LCSW looking to relocate? We have great relationships with healthcare organizations in the communities we serve and would be happy to help you find the job you’re looking for. Beyond the services of a typical recruiter, the Chartwell Company also helps with the top five needs when relocating. We do the work to connect candidates with things like top schools for their children, trusted real estate professionals, places of faith and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your recruitment contracts contingent or based on a retainer?

The majority of healthcare recruitment contracts are contingent. This means that the healthcare organization does not compensate us for our marketing and recruiting efforts unless we bring them a candidate that they choose to hire.

Do you also recruit nurses?

We are interested in expanding our portfolio to include the recruitment of nurses but currently do not have recruitment contracts with healthcare organizations for the nursing profession. We frequently have RN Candidates inquire about job opportunities but are unable to assist with placement at this time.

Can you help international physicians find employment in the USA?

Unfortunately we are only able to work with medical professionals who are already licensed to practice in the Unites States of America. If you are interested in pursuing licensure in the US, please visit Please stay in touch with us once you get close to receiving your U.S. license.