We help cities in the revitalization process.

We help cities in the revitalization process. We work with small and mid-sized cities to activate their potential. More than a place branding or marketing firm making recommendations, our experience includes successfully implementing transformative ideas within a community.

Outcomes should include increases in economic development, tourism, property values and overall satisfaction of residents.


    City Kickstarter Plan

    Local Site Visit (3 Days)
    Includes 30 minute pre-call in prep for the site visit

    Initial Meeting with Internal Team
    Lead Organization and Project Manager(s)

    • What are the minefields
    • Who should be included
    • What is the timeline (what could go right)

    Meeting with Major Stakeholders
    Typically includes city government officials, and leadership from the CVB, EDC, and Chamber of Commerce

    Meeting with Potential Donors
    Includes up to 3 private meetings with potential donors.

    Closing Meeting with Internal Team
    Includes city visit summary & Q/A

    Option Two

    City Project Blueprint

    Everything listed in the City Kickstarter package plus the following additional services:

    Creation of a Community Engagement Plan

    • Strategy specific to your community
    • Stakeholder map/fundraising advisement
      • Collaborative list building process (pre-work everybody brings their own list to that mtg and doesn’t share ahead of time)
      • Fundraising engagement plan (5 key events to calendar right now that will be milestones in the project)

    Stakeholder Interviews
    Up to 10 in-person interviews will be conducted by The Chartwell Company

    Community Wide Survey
    Creation of a customized community wide survey including up to 15 community specific questions

    Second On-Site Visit
    We facilitate a community engagement meeting (typically at the 6 month mark)

    Access to over 20 City Revitalization Project Templates
    Includes Press Releases, Request For Proposals (RFPs), Mini Grant Contracts, Community Event Run of Show, etc..

    Monthly Meetings
    Includes 12, 1 hour meetings over the phone or Zoom to help you move your project forward


    City Revitalization Package

    Everything listed in the City Kickstarter and City Project Blueprint package plus the following additional services:

    Project Idea Generation & Collection From the Community
    Our team will recommend up to 20 projects as possible community initiatives as well as coordinate the collection of ideas submitted by local community members. 

    Tourism Assessment Visit
    3 Day community evaluation visit that culminates in a report on tourism strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Report includes recommendations for focused areas of improvement. Our team enjoys bringing honest yet strengthening feedback to fortify local Visitor Bureaus. 

    Event Management for 1 Community Gathering

    The Chartwell Company will help create and manage one signature community event to inspire & catalyze community members to believe for and build their city’s future.

    Community Online Reputation Improvement

    Our team will share our proprietary strategy for improving a city’s online reputation.

    Frequent Questions

    A municipality, Chamber of Commerce, Visitor’s Bureau, Economic Development Corporation, Downtown Non-Profit or a Philanthropic Organization typically takes the lead in a city-wide revitalization effort. In some cases, an individual is inspired to see their community reach its potential and can also facilitate a revitalization effort.

    We’d be happy to schedule a free 15 minute call to learn about your project and what your needs might be. Please reach out to us through the contact box on our home page.


    “I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.”

    Maya Angelou